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‘What’s New at the ‘Nook’?


We are looking forward to opening the garden ready for Easter.  We also have a three course carvery on Easter Sunday 12th April with Chocolate Eggs for the children.  This is £27.50 per head and £13.50 for children 10 and under.  Whilst everyone enjoys the log fires and cosy bar, the garden is always lovely with the better weather.


We are very excited to have launched our new A La Carte Menu for the restaurant,  some of the old favourites but the team have come up with some fabulous innovative ideas to tempt you.

Please call reception to book a table.

Bar meals are always available in the bar including our now famous Shepherds Pie with a Cheesy Leaky Roof, for each one we sell we donate £1 to the St Thomas a Becket Church Roof Fund.

We look forward to welcoming you all this season for a drink in the bar, a bite to eat or attending a function.  Lets hope we have another fantastic summer to enjoy.

Available for everyone in the village to use!!

We are proud to announce we now have a defibrillator at the 'Nook'!

It is stationed by the main reception entrance outside the door and we would like to thank everyone for supporting us by ordering our now famous 'De-Fib Burger'!!

With each meal we donated £1 to the cause. We have been very lucky to have very generous donations from the Penguins, a very charitable local club. And a private

donation from Gary and Jenny Davidoff. Grant Turney from G.T. Electric very kindly donated his time to wiring it in! THANK YOU!

 Veggie ‘n Vegan - We are very happy to announce … our new vegetarian and vegan menu!

Our chefs have been busy creating some delicious dishes with help from Hannah Crossley, who has been a vegan for many years and has been very generous with her time and advice.

Holy Cow!

  • We are now part of the Happy Cow App, which tells potential guests which restaurants cater for vegetarian and vegan meals. As well as our hot meals we also offer a chargrilled veg, hummus and avocado filling for sandwiches and jacket potatoes.
  • We would like to welcome our vegetarian and vegan guests to try our Hoisin Soya Duck, our Mediterranean Vegetable Tart, our Five Bean Vegetable Chilli and many others!

We’re in The Breakfast Club!

  • We are also very proud to have come in at first place for our breakfasts for the Observer Competition . We are open to non–residents for breakfast from 7:30 – 10.30 Tuesday - Friday, 8.30 – 10.30 Monday and Saturday and 8.30 - 10.00 on Sunday