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26 November 2018

‘What’s New at the ‘Nook’?

Veggie ‘n Vegan - We are very happy to announce … our new vegetarian and vegan menu!

Our chefs have been busy creating some delicious dishes with help from Hannah Crossley, who has been a vegan for many years and has been very generous with her time and advice.

Holy Cow!

  • We are now part of the Happy Cow App, which tells potential guests which restaurants cater for vegetarian and vegan meals. As well as our hot meals we also offer a chargrilled veg, hummus and avocado filling for sandwiches and jacket potatoes.
  • So, we hope to welcome our vegetarian and vegan guests to try our Hoisin Soya Duck, our Mediterranean Vegetable Tart, our Spinach Risotto and many others!

We’re in The Breakfast Club!

  • We are also very proud to have come in at first place for our breakfasts for the Observer Competition . We are open to non–residents for breakfast from 7:30 – 10 weekdays and 8 – 10.30 at weekends.

‘Whose New at the ‘Nook’?

We would like to welcome Di, who has joined the team as Restaurant Manager. She has joined us at a very handy time and has hit the ground running....

Going Forward…

We are busy booking bands for January & February 2019, and will announce them shortly.